CoCo discography

The first computer I owned, the Tandy (aka TRS-80) Color Computer was originally released in 1980. It originally contained 4K of RAM, a Motorola 6809E CPU, sound, color graphics, a cassette audio port (for data storage) and an interpreted Basic language, all for $399. Later expansions included disk drives, 64K of RAM, and an alternative preemptive multi-tasking operating system known as OS-9. Back then, everyone was a programmer, and I certainly did my share. I created the games listed here, and sold them through various publishers. The first two, Star Trader and Sam Sleuth, are available on this web page for download and use with PC emulators, or on yourCoCo if you’ve still got it! Games are listed in chronological order. All software remains copyright © 1983-2002 by Steve Hartford.

Star Trader
Publisher: Computerware

Star Trader was my first commercial project, a combination arcade-style space combat game combined with a strategic trading simulation. You traveled around the universe, battling pirates, trading exotic cargo, and trying to make a credit or two in the process. This game is available here to download as a single binary file. Just LOADM and EXEC the file TRADER.BIN to play. Compatible with various PC-based Coco emulators.

Sam Sleuth P.I.
Publisher: Computerware

My most commercially successful CoCogame. This graphic adventure actually contained three mini-adventures which were generated randomly at game startup. This game is also available here for download, this time as a CoCo floppy disk image. Right click on the link, and save it to disk as “sam.dsk”. Although the original game was copy protected, this prevented its use with PC-based CoCo emulators, so I went back to the source code and removed the protection for this release. I’ve tested it successfully with both MESS and Jeff Vavasour emulators.

Publisher : Computerware

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to own, operate, and expand your own restaurant chain? This cross between a business simulation and arcade game requires business savvy, as well as a quick hand when it comes time to help out behind the counter.

The Misadventures of Eddie
Publisher : Novasoft

This graphic adventure was inspired by the “Choose your own adventure” multiple-choice books. Hiking in the mountains one sunny morn with your trusty golden retriever, you come across an abandoned mine shaft. Suddenly your dog takes off down the shaft, barking madly. You remember tales about the mines, that some say they held the key to eternal life and fantastic riches. A huge underground maze awaited the player’s exploration.

Maui Vice 
Publisher : Novasoft

This adventure game was originally going to be a spoof on Miami Vice entitled “Topeka Vice”, but it soon became apparent that an adventure based inTopeka,Kansaswould be a fairly mind-numbingly boring experience. Hence the new location inHawaii, and the four-color bikini-clad extras.

Publisher : Saguaro Software

Sitting on the back porch one fine afternoon, you see a strange, flashing object descend from the clouds and land in the corn field. Being the curious type, you investigate to find yourself trapped about a spaceship, hurdling away from Earth! Now you must find your way home. Marooned was a puzzle-solving graphic adventure where you figured out how an alien’s starship worked.

Nuke the Love Boat
Publisher : Computerware

My one and onlyCoCo3 offering. Master terrorist Abdul Mullah sent a suicide squad of fanatics to destroy the last symbol of the American way. With the help of the crew and an assortment of guest stars, you must form a commando army to keep the bomb out of terrorist hands. If the player failed in their task, the Love Boat actually sinks. However, if they succeed, Julie falls in love with Abdul, and the last scene in the game shows them sailing off towards a deserted isle to live together in perfect television harmony.