Attention men

Attention men

There’s nothing quite so distracting as talking with someone when they’ve got something gross going on. To avoid causing embarrassment, the foul often goes uncalled. It takes a special relationship to be able to tell someone flat out, “You’ve got spinach in your teeth / boogers in your nose/ baby poo on your cheek.”

Fellow males, I humbly suggest taking a page from the ladies’ handbook and checking the mirror every so often. After washing your hands in the restroom, as you’re leaving the house, anytime it’s convenient.

In particular, especially for those of us with dark and/or curly hair, is keeping nose and ear hair trimmed. If you haven’t already, spend the $8 or so on an electric hair trimmer. When getting ready in the morning, check those nostrils for any hair attempting freedom, and wack it off as low as possible. Go ahead and move your nostril around, checking for any hairs that are close to sticking out. You’ll look sorta silly in the bathroom mirror, but better a wisecrack from your spouse than an awkward moment in front of your boss.

If you’re not used to these hair trimmers, one note of caution: they tickle. A lot. You may not think your nose is ticklish, but when this high-pitched vibrating tool hits skin, you’ll be amazed. Watering eyes are nothing to be ashamed of in this situation. Just remember you’re doing it for yourself and for the comfort of those you meet.

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